Bird Zap Shock Track vs Nixalite Spikes

What is Bird-Zap Shock Track?bird20zap20shock20track20pic201

An electrified track that can be installed on a variety of surfaces to repel all types of pest birds regardless of bird infestation levels. This flexible, UV stabilized, PVC track can be installed with either adhesive or mechanical fasteners to all types of surface contours and materials. Power is supplied by either plug-in AC, solar or battery powered line chargers.

How does Bird-Zap Shock Track work?

When a bird lands or walks on the installed track, it receives a very brief shock that tells them that the Bird-Zap Shock Track is not a welcome mat and should be avoided wherever it is installed. This negative reinforcement is what eventually changes the bird’s behavior. Birds soon recognize and avoid Bird-Zap Shock Track installations on sight. While the shock is memorable, it is still safe for birds, pets, and people.


What benefits does the Bird-Zap Shock track VS Nixalite Premium Bird Spikes?

There are few if any bird species that are immune to electric shock.  The low profile of the Bird-Zap Shock Track makes it difficult to see, especially when installed up high where birds typically land, roost, and nest.


What are Premium Nixalite Model S Bird Spikes?profile

Premium Nixalite Model S Bird Spikes are the highest quality and most successful bird barrier spikes on the market.  They are our Stainless Steel Full-Row bird and pest animal control spike. Nixalite invented, patented, and began to manufacture the world’s first bird spike in 1950. Our Premium Nixalite bird spike models are proudly Made in the USA from Stainless Steel produced in the USA.


How do spikes work?

The purpose of bird spikes is to deter birds from landing or roosting in unwanted areas. The spikes create a surface that the birds can not land on.


Premium Nixalite Bird Spikes benefits VS Bird-Zap Shock Track?

Nixalite 100% Stainless Steel bird spikes withstand all types of weather and need little-to-no maintenance. They do not require electricity, ever. Nixalite includes up to a twenty-year warranty.  Bird spikes, on average, cost less than a shock track system upfront and in ongoing maintenance/electricity costs.


Comparison Infographic


Bird Zap Shock track vs. nixalite bird spikesv2.png

Every situation is different and each application may call for one or more varying products. You will need to judge what you feel is best for your situation. Nixalite offers free planning assistance if you provide exact dimensions. Reach out to us at or 1-800-624-1189