Choosing Which Bird Spikes You Should Install

Selecting the Correct Bird Spike

When you have a pest bird issue, whether it’s at your business or your home it’s important to install the correct bird control product to eliminate the problem. We offer 3 families of bird spikes that are manufactured in Nixalite’s production facility in East Moline, IL. Nixalite invented and patented the world’s first bird spike in 1950. Today we offer 8 different bird spike models to meet all budgets, infestation levels and bird types including sparrows, pigeons and seagulls. The three spike families we will discuss in this post are the Premium Nixalite, E-Spike and Pigeon Spike Stainless.
All of the models are manufactured with 100% high grade stainless steel wire and 1/4″ base strip (NO Plastic) making it UV and fire proof. Installing bird spikes reduces costly cleaning and maintenance caused by pest bird damage.

Premium Model S

The Premium Model S bird spikes offer the best protection of any other bird spike on the market! With 120 needle points per foot it is suitable to control all sizes of birds. Premium Nixalite comes with the mounting hardware included in the cost of the spikes. From small sparrows to large birds such as Vultures or Buzzards, the Premium Spikes will protect your surface. The Premium Spikes are available in full, half row and wall mount versions.


The E-Spike bird spikes are a less expensive alternative to the Premium Spikes but can only be expected to control Pigeons or Seagulls. Full row E-Spike has 48 points per foot. Mounting hardware is not included in the price but can be ordered as an accessory. E-Spike bird spikes are available in full and half row versions.

Pigeon Spike Stainless

Pigeon Spike Stainless bird spikes are the least expensive of our “All Stainless Family” of spikes. Use when just a few or low numbers of Pigeons or Seagulls are present. Mounting hardware is not included but is available as an accessory. Pigeon Spike stainless is available in a full row strip only with 24 needle points per foot.

Review the Bird Spike Comparison Chart

Things you should consider before you begin shopping for bird spikes

What kind of birds are you trying to keep away?
The Pigeon Spike Stainless and the E-spike bird spikes are strictly for Pigeons and Seagulls. The spike coverage is not enough to stop smaller birds from hanging out or even nesting in the spikes. The Premium Nixalite has 120 needles per foot and correctly installed will stop all sizes of birds from becoming a nuisance. If you have sparrows, starlings or other similar sized birds you need the Premium Nixalite strips.

Where should I install the spikes?
Wherever the birds are landing, roosting or congregating either in large numbers or just a few. Multiple rows of spikes might be necessary to cover an area. Basically you are just taking away the space from the birds. The 1/4″ base strip is flexible enough to allow it to conform to multiple shapes or objects such as planters, light fixtures, door frames etc.

How will I know how much product to order?
Nixalite has developed an incredible tool to help customers know how many strips they should order. Click the links below to go to the proper “Automated Estimate Worksheet”. Simply select the surface width from the drop-down menu and enter a length in feet or meters and click the calculate button. The estimator will give you the total number of feet needed to complete your project and provide you with a printable diagram showing correct spacing of the strips.
Model S & H Spike Estimator
E-Spike & Pigeon Spike Stainless Estimator

Should I glue them down or use the mounting hardware?
We will always advise using the Mounting Hardware designed to attach the strips securely to the installation surface. If that’s not possible because the installation surface is stone, glass or simply can’t be penetrated with a screw for whatever reason, adhesive can be used. Keep in mind that all adhesives will eventually fail. Mounting hardware is included at no charge for the Premium Nixalite strips and available as an affordable accessory for the E-Spike and Pigeon Spike Stainless strips.

In this Blog post we have covered the basics of our Bird Spikes that we manufacture from high quality stainless steel at our plant in East Moline, IL. Choosing the right spike for your application will make all the difference. If you have any questions about any of the products shown here we would welcome your phone call and the opportunity to answer your concerns. We always offer free planning assistance for your project.
Your success is our success!

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    1. Hi Ann, You can purchase the spikes from our website at or give us a call (309) 755-8771) and we’ll be happy to help you decide how much material you should need. We have an accessory called a Ridge Cap that will make installation easier. Thanks! Steve

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