First Lutheran Church

Name: First Lutheran Church tower
Location: Moline, Illinois
Installers: Sutton Christian Supply, Inc.
Product: Nixalite Premium Bird Spikes
The First Lutheran Church was replacing the top section of their bell and clock tower. Before the new one went back up, they had to do something about the pigeons that had contributed to the original problem.

First built in 1851, the First Lutheran Church building was replacing the top section of the main clock and bell tower. This historic landmark had been through many remodels and expansions. This refit was being done to replace the deteriorated top section of the clock and bell tower. Some of the damage could be directly attributed to pest birds and their droppings.
The problem was how to stop pest birds from doing the same damage to the new fiberglass skinned, structural-steel framed replacement. When installed, the new tower section would be 140 feet in the air and difficult to access. Both the church and the installer wanted to address this problem before it was lifted into place at the top of the tower.

Through previous orders, the First Lutheran Church was familiar with Nixalite and its bird control. They had installed the Nixalite Spikes at various locations around the church building. They contacted Nixalite to ask which bird control would be best for their application. After reviewing the details, Nixalite recommended the Premium Nixalite Bird Spikes. These all stainless steel bird spikes would provide the permanent control that this job requires. Nixalite’s Premium All Stainless Steel, All American Made Bird Spike Models were just what was needed; a locally made, permanent barrier that would last as long as the new tower.  After considering all of the installation requirements, both Nixalite and the First Lutheran Church agreed that the best choice for permanent bird control would be the All Stainless Steel Premium Nixalite Bird Spikes.

On the day of the big lift, the contractor started installing the Premium Nixalite Spikes on the tower section while it was still on the ground. Across the flat top and on wider ledges, they installed the Model S Full Row Nixalite. On narrower surfaces, they installed the Model H Half Row Nixalite. Once the new tower section was on-site, the installer cleaned & prepped all the installation surfaces and began installing the Premium Nixalite Spikes. All the spikes were securely fastened to the surface with Nixalite Bird Spike Mounting Hardware this is included with the Premium Nixalite models. Once all of the spikes were installed, it was time to lift the new tower section into place.

When a permanent method of control was needed, it was agreed by all involved that the only real choice was Nixalite’s All Stainless Steel, All American Made Bird Control Spikes. Timing would be very important. First, the weather needed to cooperate. Once conditions were right,  the spikes needed to be installed before the new tower section was lifted 140 feet up to the top of the main bell and clock tower. Installers from Sutton Christian Supply, Inc, installed the bird spikes on all of the landing, roosting, and nesting surfaces, including the flat top, ledges and architectural details. All the spikes were fastened to the surface with the included Nixalite Bird Spike Mounting Hardware. After all the Premium Nixalite spikes were installed, the new tower section was rigged and then lifted into place atop the main clock & bell tower. All of the Premium Nixalite Spike were fastened to the tower with the Bird Spike Mounting Hardware that was supplied with the Premium Spikes.