McKnight Ranch

Name: McKnight Ranch
Location: Durham, California
Installing Contractor: Lynn Poole
Product: Bare Hand FLEX Premium Bird Netting


McKnight Ranch features rows of grape vines that were falling victim to pest birds and animals. Grapes that are pecked by birds and other animals can harbor bacterial and fungal pathogens that will alter the quality of the end product, whether it is wine or juice. McKnight Ranch needed a bird control system that would protect the grapes from pest birds and animals but also one that would not hinder the growth of the plants.


Nixalite of America Inc’s Planning Department suggested that McKnight Ranch install a form of netting that would exclude birds and animals from being able to access the vines. It was determined based on McKnight Ranch’s needs that the best bird control system would be Nixalite’s Bare Hand FLEX Bird Netting. This economical ¾” diamond mesh bird netting is ideal for vineyards and other row crops. Made of high-density polyethylene, Nixalite’s Bare Hand FLEX Bird Netting can be stretched in length and width as needed to accommodate McKnight Ranch’s specific needs.

End Results:

Based on the number of rows of vines at McKnight Ranch, it was determined that the Bare Hand FLEX Premium 17’ by 2500’ Vineyard Bird Netting was the best solution. Bare Hand Vineyard Netting can be installed with Nixalite’s Applicator Platform that allows for the netting to be installed in less time and more easily. McKnight Ranch was actually able to fabricate their own applicator platform made to fit a 3-point hitch. Their custom application platform worked very well and shortened installation time dramatically.


McKnight Ranch’s grape vines needed protection from pest birds and animals. It was determined that Nixalite’s Bare Hand FLEX Premium Bird Netting was the best system to use in deterring these birds and animals. Instead of using Nixalite’s Applicator Platform to make the installation of the netting easier, McKnight Ranch made their own and was successful in cutting installation time down dramatically.