Case Studies

First Lutheran Church

Name: First Lutheran Church tower Location: Moline, Illinois Installers: Sutton Christian Supply, Inc. Product: Nixalite Premium Bird Spikes The First Lutheran Church was replacing the top section of their bell and clock tower. Before the new one went back up, they had to do something about the pigeons that had contributed to the original problem. Purpose: First built in 1851, the First Lutheran Church building … Continue reading First Lutheran Church

Halle Ranch

Name: Halle Ranch Location: Clarksburg, Maryland Installing Contractor: Farm & Equine Services Purpose: To protect the livestock of Halle Ranch from predator birds. Problem: Halle Ranch featured an open area where domestic chickens were allowed to roam. This area had a perimeter fence and several interior cross fences but no overhead protection from flying predators. The lack of overhead protection allowed for predator birds to … Continue reading Halle Ranch

McKnight Ranch

Name: McKnight Ranch Location: Durham, California Installing Contractor: Lynn Poole Product: Bare Hand FLEX Premium Bird Netting Problem: McKnight Ranch features rows of grape vines that were falling victim to pest birds and animals. Grapes that are pecked by birds and other animals can harbor bacterial and fungal pathogens that will alter the quality of the end product, whether it is wine or juice. McKnight … Continue reading McKnight Ranch

Nixalite® Bird Netting Installation Showcase

Nixalite’s Bird Netting has been installed for bird exclusion on a wide variety of projects.  See some of our current installations below and check back often for new showcases. Holmes Building Miami, FL Quad City Waterfront Convention Center Bettendorf, IA Davenport Bus Station Davenport, IA John Deere Pavilion Moline, IL Drive-Up Tellers Erie, IL Protecting Birds and Power Grids Ontario, Canada Mulitple Purpose Installations We would … Continue reading Nixalite® Bird Netting Installation Showcase

Nixalite® Installation Showcase

Nixalite’s Premium Stainless Steel Bird Barrier Spikes have been installed all over the world since 1950. See some of our current installations below and check back often for new showcases.   House of Hospitality Building San Diego, CA San Diego Museum of Art San Diego, CA Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco, CA East Chicago Indiana City Hall Merriville, IN   Arizona Temple of Latter-Day Saints Mesa, … Continue reading Nixalite® Installation Showcase

Orlando International Airport

Name: Orlando International Airport Location: Orlando, Florida Installing Contractor: Home Care Pest Control Product: Nixalite Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Problem The Orlando International Airport installed a new equipment shelter that was experiencing problems with birds nesting in the rafters. These birds were causing damage to the equipment in the shelter and causing potential harm to airport employees with the many diseases birds and their droppings … Continue reading Orlando International Airport

Reno 4 Street Transit Station

Name:Reno 4 Street Transit Station Location:Reno, Nevada Architect:Parsons Brinckerhoff, NYC, NY Installer:West Coast Construction, Reno NV Project Overseer:Michael Langen, HDR Inc, Reno, Nevada Purpose: Diverting large and small bird species from the 2.5- acre municipal transit station’s 25 bus bay canopies. Exposed structural steel beams, building ledges and parapets were an open invitation to the birds. According to project overseer Mike Langen from HDR Inc; … Continue reading Reno 4 Street Transit Station