Halle Ranch

Name: Halle Ranch
Location: Clarksburg, Maryland
Installing Contractor: Farm & Equine Services
Purpose: To protect the livestock of Halle Ranch from predator birds.
Halle Ranch featured an open area where domestic chickens were allowed to roam. This area had a perimeter fence and several interior cross fences but no overhead protection from flying predators. The lack of overhead protection allowed for predator birds to have access into the chickens’ area. This resulted in the chickens falling prey to Red Tail Hawks at an alarming rate of two or three chickens per day. In order for the birds to be adequately protected, overhead protection was necessary so that birds of prey were unable to swoop in and kill or take the chickens.
Nixalite of America Inc. was contacted by Farm & Equine Services to determine the best course of action to fix the Red Tail Hawk problem. Nixalite’s planning department determined that its BirdNet bird netting would be the most effective and economical solution. Made of 6-ply high-density polyethylene, BirdNet is abrasion, rot, flame and UV resistant with a 47-pound knotted breaking strength. For Halle Farms, it was determined that BirdNet’s 2-inch square mesh would be suitable for this project. Nixalite of America Inc, along with Farm & Equine Services, needed to design a bird netting system that had a minimum height of ten feet to accommodate a chicken building and other shelters for the chickens located within the designated area. Support posts would be needed around the perimeter as well as on the inside of the area along the interior cross fencing. In addition, all interior and exterior gates must function with clearance above a minimum of nine feet above ground level to any structure above for clearance. Along the perimeter, there is an existing four-foot high wood plank and post fence with metal mesh that the bird netting would need to extend from in order to meet the ten-foot minimum height.
The Nixalite Planning Department has over 20 years of experience in planning and designing bird control systems. Along with Farm & Equine Services, Nixalite designed a system that provided complete protection from predator birds while allowing for all fencing, gates, and other structures to operate.

End Results:
The project called for the installation of over 27,000 square feet of BirdNet bird netting and 3,000 feet of netting cable. Farm & Equine Services installed the system perfectly, making sure there were no gaps for the hawks to gain access to the chickens and other animals. Additionally, they installed the netting so that all interior fencing and gates were still operable and effective in dividing the area.

Through the combined efforts of Halle Ranch, Farm & Equine Services, and Nixalite of America Inc, this BirdNet netting system was installed correctly and therefore made effective in deterring Red Tail Hawks. Halle Ranch no longer has to worry that the prized chickens are in danger of being taken or killed. Nixalite of America is the leading manufacturer of bird control designs and systems, and with the help of Nixalite’s Planning Department, these detailed systems are able to effectively deter any species of bird and in any level of infestation. Combining the expertise of Nixalite of America Inc and Farm & Equine Services, Halle Ranch’s livestock will no longer fall prey to the Red Tail Hawks for a very long time.