Orlando International Airport

Name: Orlando International Airport
Location: Orlando, Florida
Installing Contractor: Home Care Pest Control
Product: Nixalite Stainless Steel Wire Mesh


The Orlando International Airport installed a new equipment shelter that was experiencing problems with birds nesting in the rafters. These birds were causing damage to the equipment in the shelter and causing potential harm to airport employees with the many diseases birds and their droppings carry. The Airport Authority requested a bird control system that could deter birds of all sizes from the structure’s 3,000 square-foot opening. Home Care Pest Control was awarded the project bid and contacted Nixalite of America Inc for assistance.



Nixalite of America Inc’s Planning Department suggested Home Care Pest Control install a wire mesh barrier under the structural steel framing of the shelter. It was determined, based on the measurements of the structure and the airport’s specific needs, that Nixalite’s ½” stainless steel wire mesh barrier with an 18 gauge wire was the best possible solution. Nixalite’s stainless steel wire mesh was chosen for its ability to fit any contour or shape, the durability of the stainless steel, and its ability to exclude all birds.

End Results

Based on the measurements provided by Home Care Pest Control, it was determined that a total of eight rolls (4’ wide and 100’ long) of the stainless steel wire mesh were needed to properly enclose the area under the shelter’s framing. Home Care Pest Control installed the stainless steel wire mesh with hardware purchased locally and approximately 300 wire ties from Nixalite of America Inc.


The equipment shelter at the Orlando International Airport required a bird control system that would be effective in deterring birds from large open spaces, making the stainless steel wire mesh the perfect solution. The stainless steel wire mesh lasts a lifetime, can be installed to any contour or shape and deters all sizes of birds.